The III (Third)

by Moses Hart

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First official EP by Moses Hart.
The III(Third)


released November 4, 2016

Executive producer : Moses Hart & Sacha "Koma Karma" Beldor
Production: Sacha "Koma Karma" Beldor
Additional Instrumentation (guitare-bass-voice-sound fx) Sacha "Koma Karma" Beldor
Artistic Direction: Moses Hart (Patrick Joseph Christopher Cossette) & Sacha "Koma Karma" Beldor and Joe V

Beatmakers: Joe V, Eman, Soké



all rights reserved


Moses Hart Trois Rivières, Québec

Rap Artist, hip-hop culture lover since the late 80s. Giving back to my community with time, effort and goods. Stay humble, stay positive.

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Track Name: The Handouts
I'm sorry I'm late, does that count as see you later?/
But I brought food for thought somebody call the cater/
And I don't need to show you for y'all to hear the indicator/
You need a hook for a hand but I'm a gator/
I play with words like a politicians play with herds/
Fuck everything ya heard you know that I rep the third/
Imported from Nova Scotia, maritime alert/
And ima keep an open eye for those on the lurk/
I stopped drinking, don't smoke herb or sip purp/
Cuz death is a bitch that I don't wanna flirt/
And I won by a nose so that's a close call/
But I know it's temporary like a co star/
So I count my like ones(stars) that's a space bar/
I'm fly off the face of the earth that's a face-off/
So I start off cuz all you do is stay soft/
The name's Moses for now I'm anonymous/
But like a dude with aids I stay positive/
Well that's a bad picture a double negative/
But I stay firm my actions affirmative/
Cuz life's a busy tone even if you call for help/
You can't get rid of me or dust me off like a shelf/
I keep swimming in troubled waters like Michael Phelps/
They say to each his own that's why you can help yourself/
Tr's street sweeper since before'99/
Keep it 300 cuz tonight in hell we dine/
It's not jealousy bitch I won't hold back/
I know you pussy you can't rap fuck your gold plaque/
Mos enough with the hatred please son stop/
They couldn't stand the heat lying in some sunblock/
J'ai toute la vie devant moi même if it's my last day/
Ashes to ashes dust to dust in your ashtray/
So till the day I leave, I'm like fuck this grief/
La vie passe tellement vite they should call it brief/
So I'm like fuck defeat I'll rip it apart like meat/
My mama Leo so it's going through my lion's teeth/
Man talk is cheap so watch what you speak/
Especially you should watch the company you keep/
You got nothing to say, stay in your seat/
Shut the fuck up like you dead and rest in peace/
(And rest in peace)